Recommended Books

Below you will find a list of my recommended books. There is always more you can learn about health and fitness, nutrition, marketing, etc...

Many of the books listed below can be found at your local library or you can purchase them from your favorite bookstore.

However, if you are anything like me, finding the time to sit and read a book can be challenging. Audiobooks are a great alternative! With an audiobook, you can load it to your "on-the-go" device and listen while you drive, run or work.

The selection of audiobooks at your local library can vary, but here's another option; Audible.

Amazon Audible

Audible, an Amazon company, offers the world's largest selection of digital audiobooks and spoken word content. With Audible, customers can listen anytime and anywhere to professionally-narrated audiobooks across a wide range of genres.

Audible Free Trial benefits:

  • Get two free audiobooks to start -- after 30 days, get 1 book each month for $14.95/month
  • Get 30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases
  • Cancel anytime. Your books are yours to keep, even if you cancel.

Audible Gold Membership benefits:

  • One audiobook per month for $14.95/mo
  • 30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases
  • Cancel anytime. A member’s books are theirs to keep, even if they cancel.

Here are the different categories for easy navigation of the recommendations:

Personal Development

Mind Shift

Dreaming Big

Time Management


Personal Growth




Overcoming Adversity